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mutans, S. Jan 1, 2017 · Expirated blood patterns, satellite stains from arterial spurting, and other very small stains often look like HVIS from gunshot wounds and have been erroneously identified as such.
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  • Abstract.
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  • When airflow forces blood out of the nose, mouth or injured airway or lung, the resulting bloodstain pattern is known as an expirated spatter.
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  • The presence or absence of how many antigens determines an individual's blood type in the A-B-O.
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    Jan 1, 2001 · Expirated Blood—A Review.

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  • Arterial spurts are easily recognized by an arc pattern due to the rise and fall of blood pressure, indicating that a major artery has been breached (see graphic K) Expiratory blood is ejected with force from the mouth or the nose.
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    Definition (taken from OSAC in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis): A bloodstain pattern resulting from an object striking liquid blood.

  • Published 1 January 2001.
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